Sweet Upsell Review – Tristan Broughton’s Private App for Checkout Upsells

If you’re serious about AliExpress drop shipping, you’ll need upsells to make it work in the long-run. You’ll miss out on extra free money otherwise, especially if you’re actively using paid traffic sources such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. They won’t pay for themselves over time if you don’t actively use whatever means possible to squeeze out a bit of extra money from anyone who has just purchased from your store.

Enter Tristan Broughton’s Sweet Upsell (the same guy behind Product Winner Blueprint and Google Ads Ecom Academy), an app to assist drop shippers with maximising their stores’ profitability at an affordable, yet fair price point.

Sweet Upsell came to be after Tristan Broughton experienced a couple of issues with the post-purchase upsell app One Click Upsell (OCU). His biggest pain points with OCU are that it is incompatible with his brand store which provides Afterpay as a payment option, and the inability to create upsells for every product he tests on his drop shipping store.

The app comes at a cost of $19.99 USD monthly, or $13.99 USD per month for an annual plan (totalling $167.90 USD per year) for 30% off the normal price, with no hidden fees, upsells, or transaction fees charged per sale made via the app. Another perk is that you don’t pay a single cent for the app until it gets you its first sale; this is really considerate of Tristan, because he doesn’t want to charge you for something that clearly isn’t getting you results!

Sweet Upsell is currently only available to those in the know, or anyone who has purchased his courses. It’s compatible with Shopify only, and your only means of payment is to pay directly with your credit card details – having other payment options available like PayPal would be helpful.

With all that out of the way, let’s get into the Sweet Upsell review.

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Sweet Upsell Review

Once you have the app installed into your Shopify store and login with your credentials, you’ll be taken to the Upsell Offers dashboard, which details your upsell statistics and the different kinds of upsells you have created, along with individual statistics and all that good stuff.

Before you get started though, you’ll need to install some code into your store such that your upsells will display properly; check the very bottom of the page for more information on how to do this. Accompanying video tutorials are also available to assist you with this; also be sure to check out the Support page for other how-to video tutorials.

(For product protection reasons, the product names below have been censored.)

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Now onto the fun part!

Best Sellers/Product Repeat

First off, when you’re just getting started with the app, you’ll notice that there are already two post-purchase upsells: Best Sellers and Product Repeat. Best Sellers show off your store’s best sellers, although really, you can select any product you want to upsell to your customers, whether or not it actually is selling well on your store. Product Repeat shows your customer the same exact product they just purchased, but with a major discount applied.

From my experience, Best Seller upsells don’t work that well, as they usually just consist of a mish-mash of your store’s best selling items from different categories, if you’re running a general store. Product Repeat upsells, on the other hand, perform much better as the customer can purchase the same exact product they just purchased at a significantly discounted price, if they wish.

Neither of these upsells can be deleted, but you can turn them off if you wish. You can only have one of these two upsells active at any time.

Creating Upsells

When you go on to create an upsell, you have the option to choose whether to create a pre-purchase upsell, or a post-purchase upsell. You can then choose a product to set off that upsell offer for, i.e. the trigger product, and whether to upsell individual products irrespective of category, or upsell products within an entire collection. You have the option of a percentage type discount or a fixed amount discount, whether or not to apply them automatically, and what devices you want the upsell to appear on.

You can preview your post-purchase upsells in desktop or mobile view from your upsells dashboard at any time, too. (No pre-purchase upsell previews are available at the time of writing this review.)

sweet upsell create upsell

Pre-Purchase Upsells

Pre-purchase upsells are displayed when customers are taken to the payment options page. If the products involved in the upsell include ones with multiple variants, only the first variant of the item will be selected if you disable variant selection during the upsell creation process. Best of all, however, they don’t abruptly interfere with the checkout process in an in-your-face kind of manner, à la popups that appear after “x” amount of seconds.

sweet upsell pre purchase upsell

Post-Purchase Upsells

Post-purchase upsells, as their name suggests, are displayed to the customer after they make their initial purchase, complemented with a countdown timer you can set to run for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 60 minutes for some scarcity. A recent update with post-purchase upsells now allows you to either charge shipping or not for customers who decide to take up on a post-purchase upsell offer.

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Miscellaneous Settings

Upsell creation aside, you also have the option to change the colour scheme of your upsell; you can configure the colours of the “Add to Order” button, the old price, the discount price, and the offer headline.

If your store charges customers a currency that doesn’t use the dollar sign ($), this isn’t at all an issue as you can easily replace the default dollar sign with whatever currency symbol your store uses.

Sweet Upsell initially lacked the ability to translate the app text, which was an issue for anyone whose stores aren’t displayed in English. An updated implemented a workaround for this, so now you can add translations for the app text to complement your non-English store.

sweet upsell settings

Facebook Support Group

With the app also comes a Facebook support group revolving around the app. You can exchange tips on how to create effective upsells, report any issues you have with the app, and share feedback on how you think the app can be improved. You will also receive news on any upcoming updates directly from the developers themselves.

Money Back Guarantee

The app comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can contact the support team and request a full refund for your purchase, no questions asked.

Final Thoughts

Sweet Upsell is an easy to use app for anyone regardless of their experience in the eCommerce space, and is a must for those who are doing AliExpress drop shipping and actively running paid advertising. It comes at a more than reasonable price point, doesn’t charge you any transaction fees per purchase made via the app, and doesn’t obnoxiously disrupt the checkout process.

The support is very responsive and helpful, and is easy to reach out to, whether you’re contacting them directly or posting on the Facebook support group. I expected no less of Tristan Broughton; he never fails to disappoint with what he provides to his followers and/or anyone who purchased his courses!

(Use the invitation code RIMR2018 when you register an account for the app after you provide your payment details.)

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